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Highly secure and easy to use, ParaSolution centralizes, standardizes and automates your BCM program without missing a beat.

Say bye to all your BCMP's bottlenecks

Simplify and automate data gathering

Combine the power of data import, 3rd party integrations and workflows to automate critical information gathering.

Easily organize, update and share your plans

Leverage a secure, fully integrated database to create insightful plans and reports for better decision-making.

Increase the speed and quality of your incident response

Manage your incidents with preset workflows, integrated mass notification system, and our mobile application available offline.

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Strong capabilities to increase your productivity

ParaSolution adapts to your organization, not the other way around. Discover why we are a partner of choice to kickstart and improve your business continuity program automation.

Grasp crucial information

Gather crucial info from all contributors and structure it smartly. In real time, visualize your state of readiness, make sound decisions and do what needs to be done.

Tailor ParaSolution to your way

Adapt our robust tool to the way your organization operates. Structure your program, documents and plans to the most granular level. Define your priorities and build your own dashboards.

Accelerate your growth

Boost your BCM organization’s capabilities and scale up your program with minimal effort and resources thanks to our prebuilt template library. Focus on strategy and important BC/DR details to speed up recovery.

Mobilize your stakeholders

Engage your teams and increase your contributors’ input rate with streamlined processes. During an incident, empower your staff and partners with the most current information and plans, through the web solution or our mobile app.

The most comprehensive features to manage your BCM program

Business Continuity Management

Drive efficiency and cost savings across your entire BCM process. Our BCM module supports BIA, risk assessment, plan development and activation, exercises, crisis and incident management, and reporting.

View of the IT DR Management module of ParaSolution
View of the IT DR Management module of ParaSolution

IT DR Management

Align and strengthen collaboration between your BCM and IT DR teams. This module supports you with IT BIA characterization, run books, DR orchestration, test coordination and live recovery tracking. It allows you to analyze gaps, import data and map system dependencies.

Integrated Risk Management

Need a broader approach to manage your organization's risks? ParaSolution helps you identify and prioritize risks, map your dependencies, identify controls and risk treatment methods, measure residual risk, as well as define your risk appetite.

View of the Integrated risk management module of ParaSolution

Crisis Management & EMNS

Stay in control when a disruption strikes. ParaSolution follows your predefined workflows to trigger and track incidents, notify key team members, record statuses and analyze data. It integrates seamlessly to your other communication and alert tools as well.

View of the Crisis Management and EMNS module of ParaSolution
View of the Vendor Management module of ParaSolution

Vendor Risk Management

We know your suppliers and third parties are critical to your key activities. Assess their Business Continuity readiness and mitigate the additional risks with this module providing pre-built forms and automated workflows to help you manage vendor risks.

Operational Resilience

You want to identify your important business services and products, map your resources, their interdependencies and know their impact tolerances to have an overview of your organization's operational issues? ParaSolution helps to simplify the data collection process, to leverage the information already collected and to analyze the results in order to achieve a tailored approach to operational resilience.

View of the Operational Resilience module of ParaSolution



What is ParaSolution and how does it work?

ParaSolution is a secure and user-friendly solution, designed to engage all stakeholders in your business continuity program. Developed by experts in business continuity and organizational resilience, ParaSolution ensures your success by providing intuitive processes. It centralizes, standardizes and automates your continuity activities, from risk assessment and BIA, to plan development and activation, to exercising and crisis and incident management. Renowned for its flexibility and reliability, ParaSolution offers advanced functionalities that allow you to make informed decisions in uncertain times.


How much does ParaSolution cost?

Because we are committed to offering a fair price and a cost-effective solution, ParaSolution's pricing relies on several key factors. Our consultants evaluate the size of your organization and its number of administrative units or departments, the number of users to be created, the number of modules required and many other important aspects to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your needs. Contact us for a demonstration of ParaSolution and a personalized quote!


Can I customize ParaSolution to my needs?

Yes. ParaSolution can be tailored to any large or small, private or public organizations. We successfully serve clients of all sizes across all industries around the world. You can even select the implementation approach that best fits your needs!

ParaSolution is also scalable and highly adaptable. On the long term, you will be able to smoothly integrate additional capabilities as your BCM maturity level progresses.

See ParaSolution in action through a live and free demo

You rely on standards and best practices; now you can count on us too. As a trusted partner for over 25 years, we provide proven methodologies. Let our experts lead you to the best solutions to successfully management your BCMP.

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