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Helping worldwide organizations manage the unpredictable

At Premier Continuum, we believe in overall continuity, not only in technology. While we help small and large organizations like yours automate their routine tasks with our award-winning software, we support your team's brilliant minds with our world-class consulting services and professional certified courses.
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"Innovative BCM Solution that provides a superior and intuitive end user experience!"
Corporate Security Director, Finance Industry
‘’Successful Implementation thanks to the customized client service and support’’
Enterprise Risk Management Senior Director, Services Industry
"Simple yet efficient product backed by a vendor that truly cares about its customers."
Security and Risk Manager, Finance Industry
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Let's make your Business Continuity Program easy to manage

Automate your BCMP with ParaSolution

Tired of manually managing your BCP? Recognized as a worldwide BCMP solutions leader, ParaSolution helps you automate your program, mobilize your stakeholders and foster a culture of resilience.
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Grasp crucial information

Gather crucial info from all contributors and structure it smartly. In real time, visualize your state of readiness, make sound decisions and do what needs to be done.

Tailor ParaSolution to your way

Adapt our robust tool to the way your organization operates. Structure your program, documents and plans to the most granular level. Define your priorities and build your own dashboards. Make it truly your own!

Accelerate your growth

Boost your BCM organization’s capabilities and scale up your program with minimal effort and resources. Focus on strategy and important BC/DR details to speed up recovery.

Mobilize your stakeholders

Engage your team and increase your contributors’ input rate with streamlined processes. During an incident, empower your staff and partners right away with the most current information and plans, through the web solution or our mobile app.
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Premier Continuum is the Champion in the SoftwareReviews 2021 BCM Emotional Footprint Report

Enhanced software capabilities and a delightful customer experience are the key to successfully manage your BCMP. As a trusted partner for over 25 years, Premier Continuum has proven to prioritize both. Whatever your needs, our experts can guide you to the best solutions.
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