BCI - Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

BCI - Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
Take an in-depth look at the Analysis stage of the BCM Lifecycle to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of this key skill.
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1 day
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August 19, 2024 | English

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Explore the Founding Blocks of Business Continuity Management and Learn how to Perform Solid BIAs

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) technique is one of the most used by worldwide professionals when analyzing an organization’s requirements for Business Continuity purposes. It aims to identify the urgency of each activity led by an organization, according to the impact over time caused by any potential or actual disruption. Resilience professionals can then have a better overview of the potential solutions to suggest how to manage the different risks.

There are many types of BIAs, depending on the organization’s size, complexity and industry. Join this course to gain hands-on experience in preparing, conducting and reporting a BIA with our seasoned instructors. 

Course objectives

By achieving this course, you will: 

• learn the Business Impact Analysis general principles, concepts and assumptions
• practice all the steps of a BIA, from planning, to collecting and analyzing data, to presenting results as well as presenting solutions to a fictional management board
•gain experience on how to advise small and large organizations regarding resilience and recovery strategies 

What you will learn

Develop your expertise by learning how to analyze an organization’s context and environment to identify the level of urgency of each activity, as well as identify the appropriate strategies for adequate recovery. This 1-day course is based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines, reflecting the current global thinking from ISO 22301, ISO 22313 and ISO/TS 22317 when performing a BIA.

Module 1 - The Concepts of a BIA: Introduce yourself to the basic concepts of a BIA such ad the Analysis Phase, the pre-requisites, the purpose, the Business Impacts on services, obligations and expectations, as well as the measurable impacts.

Module 2 - Products and Services (Strategic) BIA: Learn how to identify and prioritize products and services and determine the organization’s Business Continuity requirements at a strategic level.

Module 3 - The Process (Practical) BIA: Explore the different types of processes and what to implement for the delivery of the organization’s prioritized products and services.

Module 4 - The Activity (Operational) BIA: Determine how to identify and prioritize the activities that deliver the most urgent products and services, and to determine the resources required and the dependencies for the continuity of these activities.

Module 5 - The Initial BIA: Conduct a first high-level analysis in order to clarify the scope of a Business Continuity programme and to elaborate more detailed BIAs.

During this workshop, you will apply the concepts with different activities to fully grasp the principles, such as a real case study, which can be your own organization.

This course includes

  • an electronic copy of the BCI Good Practice Guidelines - Edition 7.0, valued at $90 USD or $120 CAD
  • BCI Course material (modules)
  • additional documentation and templates developed by Premier Continuum

Who is this for?

The course is designed for every Business Continuity and resilience professionals who wish to gain a better knowledge of the BIA tool by obtaining practical experience:

  • Business Continuity professionals, risk managers and departmental heads involved in providing critical services with rapid expected recovery time
  • coordinators who need to conduct BIAs in the field
  • all professionals who work directly or indirectly with BIAs in their organization


For the Business Impact Analysis course, no specific prior knowledge is required, although:

  • familiarity with Business Continuity and BIAs general concepts is helpful.

Why should I attend this course? 

Many professionals choose to develop their expertise at the BIA level since it is one of the key activities in the BCM lifecycle and the BCI Good Practice Guidelines 2018. By completing this course, you really will distinguish yourself from your peers. Not only will you have a more comprehensive view of an organization's threats, risks and dependencies, but you will also be able to make more informed decisions when it comes to mitigation measurements. 


All students will receive an official certificate of attendance directly from the BCI after they successfully completed this course.

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August 19, 2024 | English
December 2, 2024 | English

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Customer testimonials

Find out how our training courses have helped professionals across North America and around the world develop organizational resilience.

Most interesting course, both for those who have never done a BIA/PCA and for those who already have experience in the field. The exchanges between students from very different organisations were also very interesting.

Alban Bardiaux

BCI - Business Impact Analysis (BIA), United States, 2024

Great instructor who used real world experiences to relate materials

Steven Massey

BCI - Business Impact Analysis (BIA), United States, 2024

The best part was the instructor and his extensive knowledge and real-world experiences he could tie into the training. The course content and materials provided before the course were very helpful

Corey Hanh

BCI - Business Impact Analysis (BIA), United States, 2023

Very good course, for myself it was a refresher and always good to have.

Vicky Campeau

BCI - Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Canada, 2022

August 19, 2024 | English
December 2, 2024 | English