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Are you seeking to build a robust Business Continuity Management Program, or looking to use innovating ways to embed a culture of resilience? Count on an experienced partner to support your organization. Don't stay in the fog of war. Increasing organizational resilience, that’s our mission too.

As specialists in Business Continuity for 25 years, Premier Continuum has been providing consulting services in Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management, Emergency Response, Risk Management and Public Safety.

Get the help you need to boost efficiency and achieve cost savings across the entire resilience process.

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6 Fields of expertise

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity is the foundation of a solid and successful growth strategy. Our tactical skills, our field experience and our keen approach make us a partner that can really help you develop a broader vision.

Emergency Response

Identifying an organization's risks is crucial to ensure a proper business recovery and to rise from it. This fundamental activity is one of the strengths that distinguishes our clients when a crisis strikes.

IT Disaster Recovery

Within today’s growing cyber threats, an exhaustive and tested IT disaster recovery plan is inevitable. Our experts assess your IT infrastructure in order for your organization to stay alert and prepared for any critical disruption.

Risk Management

Assessing and addressing risk for an organization is key to success. Our team excels at creating safer work environments and increasing the stability of organizations like yours.

Crisis Management

No matter its industry, an organization that is trained and equipped to deal with a crisis is extremely resilient. Our team uses collaboration, active listening and agility to strengthen your crisis management plans.

Operational Resilience

Get an overview of your organization's operational issues and analyze the results with the help of our experts in order to get a tailored approach to operational resilience.

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Build the foundation of your Business Continuity Program

Every organization needs a key document that outlines the purpose, the context, the scope and the governance of its whole program. Build an efficient and adapted project with the support of our consultants to define the extent and the requirements aligned with your core business values.

We support you by :

  • Initiating your BCM policy and scope definition

  • Defining governance and all your stakeholders' roles and responsibilities

  • Setting up a complete programme management structure

Embed awareness and good practices to organizational culture

A valuable BCM Program must engage all collaborators. By using collaborative approaches, involving top-management, staff and partners as well as use all innovative ways to raise awareness, our consultants are 100 % invested in your programme's success.

We support you by :

  • Engaging your stakeholders with a suitable awareness program

  • Developing competencies and skills with certified training

  • Embedding operational resilience in project management

Assess your organization's objectives, constraints and operating environment

Often completed through the Business Impact Analysis (BIA), this phase aims to identify the urgency of each activity led by your organization, according to the impact caused by any potential or actual disruption over time. Working on your BIA with our experts will give you a better idea of the solutions to implement in order to manage risks.

We support you by :

  • Clarifying the scope with a concise BIA

  • Making a risks and threats assessment

  • Concluding with final infrastructures and organizational resilience analysis

Select and design winning solutions to ensure business continuity

Your Business Continuity Program needs to meet your organization’s agreed requirements and solutions in the last stages. Work in collaboration with our experts to implement them and to develop a response structure for a flexible program, adapted to specific incidents.

We support you by :

  • Proceeding to a risk mitigation, a capability assessment and a gap analysis

  • Designing a global a risk mitigation solution strategy combining all you need

  • Consolidating and prioritize the activities and resources

Implement Business Continuity plans, according to the requirements and solutions

Your Business Continuity Program needs to meet your organization’s agreed requirements and solutions in the last stages. Work in collaboration with our experts to implement them and to develop a response structure for a flexible program, adapted to specific incidents.

We support you by :

  • Establishing a well-thought response structure

  • Developing strategic, tactical and operational plans

  • Managing your plans (business continuity, emergency response and IT disaster recovery)

Ensure everything about your business continuity program is effective

Usually executed continuously, the validation’s purpose is to confirm  your Business Continuity solutions and your response structure accurately reflects your organization's reality. Our team partner with you to validate that the developed plans improve the overall level of your organizational resilience.

We support you by :

  • Developing and managing your maintenance program over time

  • Developing and conducting various tabletop and IT disaster recovery exercises to continuously increase resiliency over time

  • Performing ongoing review of your program as your organization evolves and conducting your ISO 22301 audit


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