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Looking for a robust methodology for selecting an appropriate BCM solution? Info-Tech’s new BCM Software Selection Guide got you covered.

Discover what is the BCM Software Selection Guide by Info-Tech and how to use it to choose the appropriate solution to develop your business continuity program.

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What is the BCM Software Selection Guide?

The BCM Software Selection Guide is a comprehensive resource designed to provide insights into the features and functionalities offered by BCM (Business Continuity Management) software solutions.

It covers trends in the industry and profiles leading vendors, offering readers valuable information to better understand their BCM requirements and make informed decisions when selecting a software provider.

The guide is divided in three sections:

1.    Understand BCM Software Capabilities and Trends

2.    Define Your Requirements

3.    Select Your Vendor

Download the BCM Software Selection Guide now!

Bonus: Do you need a methodology to concretely evaluate BCM vendors?

Info-Tech also offers you an effective evaluation work book to help you define uses cases and requirements when choosing a BCM vendor. Download it now.

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Highlights from the BCM Software Selection Guide, by Info-Tech

Would you like to see the highlights of the report? Our team has put together some relevant slides! 

Vendor differentiation

Continuity providers offer features that can end up feeling very similar. One tip offered is to look at the usability and effectiveness of these features for your organization.


Leading BCM Solutions

Here you will find a list of reliable business continuity providers. It's up to you to find the one that best suits your needs!

ParaSolution is the top BCM vendor, according to Info-Tech

ParaSolution is rated as the top BCM software vendor in the BCM Software Selection tool by Info-Tech. Among other findings in the report, 96% of its clients are likely to recommend ParaSolution and 100% plan to renew.


What to expect from demos with BCM software vendor

The report suggests organizing a few demos, say two or three, to understand who the supplier is and what their vision is, to validate how the software works in various scenarios, and to get answers to your specific questions (Q&A).

Discover key players through SoftwareReviews rankings and reports

Info-Tech suggests the SoftwareReviews reports to get more information on the key players in business continuity management.

That sums up our highlights section! Feel free to contact our team if you are currently evaluating the right continuity software for your organization, or have any questions about our ParaSolution software.


Download the BCM Software Selection Guide now!