Continuity Insights 2024 : Join us for a new conference on Cyber resilience

(CIMC) Continuity Insights Management Conference

Join us at Continuity Insights 2024!

Continuity Insights is a dedicated business continuity conference offering information, inspiration and practical ideas for cultivating resilience. Attendees can choose from over 50 educational sessions and network with peers and business continuity solution providers.

At this year's edition, our Consulting Services Vice-President Philippe Tassé-Gagné will speak on cyber resilience. To illustrate his points, he will use the case study of Energir, a major energy company in Canada.

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About our featured conference

Case Study: Cyber Preparedness At A Leading Energy Company

Energir, one of Canada's leading energy companies, is faced, like all other organizations, with the growing threat of cyber attacks.

To prepare adequately, the organization needs solid, targeted response plans, as well as proven management tools that form an important part of the solution. On the other hand, the various stakeholders and managers need to act effectively and minimize the consequences of such attacks. But beyond the tools, we need to look at the people who use them, and this is where the importance of training and coaching programs comes into its own.

In this conference, our Consulting Services Vice-President Philippe Tassé-Gagné will use a case study to demonstrate how to increase cyber-resilience through a well-thought-out and well-executed exercise program : the case of Premier Continuum's client Energir.

Mr. Tassé-Gagné will emphasize the importance of a comprehensive training and exercise program, and the involvement of senior management. He will also discuss the challenges of developing and executing a large-scale simulation exercise involving all three levels of Energir's crisis management organization.

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Please note that this conference will not address the technical aspects of disaster recovery following an attack, but rather the best practices to be implemented within an organization in terms of preparing for this type of incident.

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Continuity Insights 2024
Date: May 6-8, 2024
Location: Sheraton, Le Meridian Hotel Complex
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Continuity Insights 2024 : Join us for a new conference on Cyber resilience

Register now for the next Continuity Insights Management Conference 2024, in Charlotte, NC, USA. Our Consulting Services Vice-President Philippe Tassé-Gagné will speak on Cyber resilience.


May 6, 2024 to May 8, 2024 EST

Location :

Charlotte, NC, USA



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