Shaping the world of business continuity one course at a time: 15 years of successful collaboration with the BCI

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Montreal, Fall 2023 – Premier Continuum is pleased to celebrate 15 years of collaboration with the Business Continuity Institute (BCI).

Thanks to this successful partnership, hundreds of business continuity and resilience professionals have been trained by our instructors, in both English and French, across North America and Europe.

15 years of successful collaboration with the BCI

Premier Continuum is a global leader and pioneer in business continuity that has been proudly delivering Business Continuity Institute courses as a Licensed Training Partner since 2008.

BCI certified courses cover a variety of resilience related topics from Introduction to Business Continuity, Business Impact Assessments (BIAs), Developing Exercises, Crisis Management, and Supply Chain Continuity Management.

They are aimed at all experience levels of business continuity professionals, from beginners to experts.

More than training: a social movement

The Business Continuity Institute is one of the largest institutions dedicated to business continuity and resilience professionals. It has over 9,000 members in more than 120 countries.

By collaborating together over the past 15 years, we are proud to have contributed to the development of best practices that have helped to shape the global business continuity management landscape. Our joint efforts have resulted in a change to mindsets and practices.

"With the increasing rise in disruptions, risks and unforeseen events, organizational resilience has become even more important in recent years.

We are very proud to offer quality training services that raise the level of expertise of business continuity and resilience professionals around the world, with the aim of equipping them to respond adequately to today's challenges"

- Marie-Hélène Primeau, Executive Vice-President of Premier Continuum and certified BCI instructor for 15 years.

A collaboration that builds the future of business continuity

With 15 years of collaboration with BCI behind us, we can't help but be excited about the future of business continuity and the many training opportunities that lie ahead.  

We are also honored to be the only BCI partner in North America, a testament to the trust placed in us.


We would like to thank each of our customers and all our loyal instructors for their contribution to our mission of increasing organizational resilience.

The Premier Continuum team

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