Premier Continuum celebrates 25 years of Resilience

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Montreal, September 8th, 2021— Montreal-based company, Premier Continuum, which specializes in organizational resilience (business continuity, IT disaster recovery, crisis management, emergency preparedness and risk management), is celebrating the beginning of its 25th year in operations.

The progress made over the past 25 years is impressive. This company was created with one idea in mind: to help businesses become more resilient.

“Twenty-five years ago, almost no one was talking about business continuity in Quebec; companies were not ready, the tools to manage organizational resilience were complicated and ineffective, in short, this field, which was already dear to me, needed some love,” said Isabelle Primeau, founder and president of Premier Continuum.

Isabelle’s contagious passion was soon shared by her sister, Marie-Hélène, whose strong skills in communications, project management, customer relations, finances and business administration helped solidify the foundation of this innovative Montreal company. The two sisters offered consulting services in the broad area of organizational resilience to both English and French-speaking clients.

In order to remedy the apparent lack of automation of the various projects and processes in the field, five years after its creation, Premier Continuum ventured into technological innovation. ParaSolution is an easy-to-use, affordable computing platform which can be tailored to the reality of each organization.

In 2008, Premier Continuum became a leading bilingual training partner in North America in order to offer a logical and complete combination of services.

Through the dedication and commitment of its team of exceptionally qualified professionals and the realization of bold ideas, Premier Continuum is known and recognized internationally as a leader by prestigious organizations such as Gartner, the Business Continuity Institute and Software Reviews.

“We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all our clients and business partners; the relationship we have is precious and sincere and it is because of you that we are extremely confident that our next 25 years will be just as exceptional,” said Marie-Hélène Primeau, Executive Vice President of Premier Continuum.

Here is our story. A story of passion, perseverance and dedication.

Premier Continuum celebrates 25 years of resilience


Premier Continuum is a Montreal-based company owned and led by two women who won the 2016 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards. Established in 1997, the company is a reference in Quebec and is renowned as a global leader in the industry. Premier Continuum is experiencing strong growth in Canada and the United States.

Developed by Premier Continuum, ParaSolution is a world-class, award-winning, web-based solution that provides comprehensive business continuity management and can be tailored to any organization. With ParaSolution, businesses can be assured that they are fully compliant with best practices.