Why is the CBCI Certification a Must-Have for Business Continuity Professionals

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In the sector of business continuity, one certification stands out above the rest: CBCI Certification.

If you're just starting in this field, or looking to strengthen your professional position,CBCI certification is just what you need.

Find out what the CBCI certification training course is, why you need it and how to get it.

What is the CBCI Certification  

The CBCI certification is an internationally recognized certification in the field of business continuity and organizational resilience. It attests to the expertise and skills of professionals in these fields.  

CBCI certification can be obtained by taking the Business Continuity Institute's CBCI training course, and then passing a theory exam.

To date, more than 9,100 professionals in over 120 countries are CBCI certified!

Access the CBCI course sheet.

Who can obtain the CBCI certification?

Anyone interested in training in continuity and resilience can obtain CBCI certification!

There are no specific requirements, although a general knowledge of the basics may be useful.

The CBCI certification is very often sought by continuity professionals or professionals with business continuity responsibilities who wish to demonstrate their commitment to best practices.

What will you learn during the CBCI certification course?

The CBCI certification training explores in depth the six professional practices of the Business Continuity Institute’s Good Practices Guidelines, harmonized with ISO 22301.

  • Phase 1 – Establishing a Business Continuity Management System: Learn how to forge a robust business continuity policy and its implementation process.
  • Phase 2 – Embracing Business Continuity: See business continuity principles in everyday tasks, fostering a culture of resilience.
  • Phase 3 - Analysis: Understand how to assess organizations, identifying their objectives,  their interruption tolerances, their operational modalities and challenges.
  • Phase 4 – Solutions Design: Identify the best strategies to ensure business continuity in the event of a crisis or incident.
  • Phase 5 – Enabling Solutions: Familiarize yourself with the nuances of implementing the strategies developed earlier, by drawing up a detailed response plan.
  • Phase 6 - Validation: Learn to validate your plans, their relevance, accuracy and effectiveness through rigorous exercises.

The CBCI certification training guides participants through each phase of the business continuity management system.

How much does the CBCI certification cost?

The CBCI certification course costs $2,500 and the exam costs $475.

*Prices in USD, except for Canadian residents (prices in CAD).

The course is not compulsory to take the exam, but it is highly recommended as it covers many relevant notions and is very useful.

CBCI Certification course includes:

  • 3 to 5 days training by a certified BCI instructor
  • An electronic copy of the BCI Good Practice Guidelines
  • Access to course materials developed by BCI
  • A simulated exam (Mock Exam)
  • Additional documentation and templates developed by Premier Continuum

How to get the CBCI certification?

The CBCI Certification can be obtained through online training and the successful completion of a theory exam, via one of the Business Continuity Institute's accredited partners.

Access the CBCI certification course sheet here.

Premier Continuum has been an accredited partner of the Business Continuity Institute since 2008. Weare also the only BCI training partner based in North America, offering training in both English and French.
Only Licensed Training Partner Based in North America

CBCI certification exam questions

CBCI exam questions are 90 multiple-choice questions. All CBCI certification exam answers can be found in the BCI Good Practice Guidelines.

CBCI Mock Exam

The CBCI Mock Exam will help you obtain sample questions for the CBCI certification. The CBCI Mock Exam questions are available in English only.

Guide to CBCI certification

The CBCI certification process is both structured and accessible, ensuring that candidates are fully equipped to take the exam.

Here is a summary of important information to guide you through the CBCI process:

Registration: The registration process for the CBCI course takes place via the BCI website or via the website of a BCI-approved training partner.

Preparation: The CBCI training course prepares you over several days to assimilate the basic principles of continuity.

CBCI Mock Exam: Once you have completed the CBCI training course, you will complete the CBCI Mock Exam. This will allow you to assess your mastery of the material and get immediate pass/fail feedback. What's more, each question refers you to the subject matter assessed in the Good Practice Guidelines, so you can deepen your knowledge.

CBCI exam: To take the exam, all you need is a stable internet connection and a working camera. This digital format allows great flexibility and autonomy, so you can take the exam from almost anywhere. The CBCI exam lasts 90 minutes (90 multiple-choice questions). The pass rate for the CBCI exam is 63%.  All participants who pass the exam with a score of 77% or more will receive a pass with honors.

4 reasons to get your CBCI certification

1. Learn the basics of continuity and the terminology used by continuity professionals

CBCI certification was created by the Business Continuity Institute, one of the world's most prestigious continuity and resilience institutions. For many professionals, this certification goes beyond a simple diploma; it attests to their expertise, in-depth knowledge and commitment to business continuity.

2. Use the internationally recognized CBCI post-nominal

The CBCI post-nominal is recognized worldwide and sets a standard of excellence in the field. It enhances professional stature, offering credibility, recognition and numerous career opportunities. It provides employers and customers with the assurance that the holder of the certification has the necessary skills to develop and implement effective business continuity plans.

3. Become a BCI member

Being a BCI member offers you a host of exclusive benefits, such as unlimited access to private sections of the BCI website, reports, webinars and in-depth case studies. BCI members also receive discounts on events and selected BCI products.

4. Be part of a global network

The BCI network includes more than 9,000 professionals in over 120 countries worldwide. Joining this network offers you important opportunities to connect with other professionals, whether via private online groups or at events and conferences. A mentoring program, the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program, is also available to help you launch your career.

Participants have the chance to assimilate these best practices thanks to the expertise of global experts: all courses are taught by seasoned instructors accredited by the Business Continuity Institute.

CBCI reviews

“Well-organised and informative sessions. Documentation and other resources provided really useful and helpful for own study for the exam. Communication was clear, timely and informative.” - Eilidh M., United States
“Very dynamic training and trainer. The exchanges and interactions between the participants and the trainer provided concrete examples and tools to put the concepts learned into practice.”- Kathy T., Canada
“Excellent instructor listened and answered our questions. Material was clear and concise. 100% would recommend this training to my peers.”- Alondra S., Puerto Rico
“I thought the course was great. It followed the Good Practice Guidelines perfectly. Our teacher was very patient with all of our questions and was great at giving real life scenarios when appropriate.” - Patty B., United States
“I found this course to be very informative, well organized and well delivered.  The instructor was very thorough and open to questions providing answer in a way that someone who is new to business continuity could understand. ” - Bapinder D., British Columbia, Canada

Inspired to start your journey?

In the ever-changing business continuity landscape, CBCI certification stands as a beacon of professional excellence.

It offers you a recognized credential, BCI membership, valuable resources and useful connections to thrive in the industry - all online and in just 3 to 5 days!


Visit the CBCI course sheet and register today!

CBCI Certification Course Card