ICOR - Certified Organizational Resilience Executive (CORE)

ICOR - Certified Organizational Resilience Executive (CORE)
Become a Certified Organizational Resilience Executive with this ICOR 5-day online training. Enhance your expertise in Organizational Behavior, Organizational Infrastructure, Preparedness & Risk Management, Technology Infrastructure, and Continous Improvement.
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5 days
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Develop the right skills to become a leader in organizational resilience

Interested enhancing your skills organizational resilience? Obtain a certification in organizational resilience management from ICOR!

ICOR offers a proven methodology focused on skills development. This methodology is divided into 5 clusters and based on 25 competency areas to build resilient organizations.

As part of ICOR's Certified Organizational Resilience Executive (CORE) course, you will have the opportunity to explore and deepen your mastery of ICOR Competency Model's five clusters:

  • Organizational behavior
  • Organizational infrastructure
  • Preparedness and managing risk
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Continual Improvement
ICOR Competency Model

Become a Certified Organizational Resilience Executive (CORE)! 


To focus solely on the three first clusters, explore the Certified Organizational Resilience Manager (CORM) course.

To focus solely on the four first clusters, explore the Certified Organizational Resilience Professional (CORP) course.

Course objectives

By undertaking this course, you will have a unique opportunity to:

• Develop a culture of resilience within your teams and your organization
• Familiarize yourself with the resources needed to build a resilient and agile workplace
• Master best practices in risk, incident and crisis management, continuity and supply chain resilience
• Understand critical systems and environments to ensure compliance and cybersecurity
• Manage continuous improvement and audit your performance

What you will learn

This course covers all five clusters of ICOR's Competency Model.

Cluster 1: Organizational Behavior

  • COR.1 Organizational Resilience Policy and Strategies
  • COR.2 Attributes of More Resilient Organizations
  • COR.3 Behaviors of More Resilient Organizations
  • COR.4 The Impact of Culture on an Organization’s Resilience
  • COR.5 Leading During Times of Change and Uncertainty

Cluster 2: Organizational Infrastructure

  • COR.6 Operating as an Agile Organization
  • COR.7 The Resilient Organizational Structure & Managing Change
  • COR.8 Building a Resilient Workforce
  • COR.9 The Agile Workplace
  • COR.10 Resilient Facilities

Cluster 3: Preparedness & Managing Risk

  • COR.11 Risk Management Principles and Practices
  • COR.12 Unified Incident Response
  • COR.13 Crisis Management & Communications
  • COR.14 Business Continuity Management
  • COR.15 Supply Chain Resilience

Cluster 4: Technology Infrastructure

  • COR.16 Critical Environments
  • COR.17 Information & Communication Technology Continuity and Recovery
  • COR.18 Storage & Availability Systems
  • COR.19 Information & Cyber Security Systems
  • COR.20 Information & Cyber Security

Cluster 5: Continual Improvement & Innovation

  • COR.21 Increasing Resilience by Exercising and Testing
  • COR.22 Knowledge & Information Systems
  • COR.23 Measuring Resilience (includes Performance Management)
  • COR.24 Promoting Innovation & Transformation
  • COR.25 The Impact of the Community on an Organization’s Resilience

Who is the course designed for?

The course is designed for anyone worldwide who has responsibilities related to organizational resilience, at any level of their career, in any role or function:

  • Professionals with responsibilities in at least two of the disciplines involved in building a more resilient organization
  • Professionals who lead or seek to become leaders in resilience enhancement and effective risk management
  • Consultants who help organizations manage risk effectively and support good business practice


No previous training is required.

Examinations and accreditation

Each competency group explored will be the subject of a 30-minute online exam.

For the CORE course, five exams are scheduled. The exams take place online and are presented in the form of short answers.

Completion of this course and all five exams will earn you the ICOR Certified Organizational Resilience Executive (CORE) designation.

The certification exams are included in the course price.

Download the official course brochure.

Why take ICOR's Certified Organizational Resilience Executive course? 

  • Develop the skills and knowledge you need to practice effectively as a resilience professional
  • Ensure your professional development and career advancement, thanks to the CORP designation
  • Support your organization in developing approaches to raising resilience awareness among leaders, staff and teams


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