ICOR - CMC 2050: Crisis Communication Planner

ICOR - CMC 2050: Crisis Communication Planner
Develop essential skills to identify crises, to draft targeted messages, and to design comprehensive communication plans to effectively manage communication during crisis or incidents.
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2 days
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August 5-6, 2024 | English

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Develop essential skills to effectively manage communication during crisis or incidents

What are the important elements of communication during a crisis or incident? How can you manage the situation to protect your organization's reputation and the trust of your customers and stakeholders? To be effective, it's essential to be prepared in advance.

Take the ICOR Crisis Communication Planner course to gain valuable insights and techniques on how to identify a crisis situation and craft the right internal and external messages to minimize the impact on your organization's reputation. You'll also have the opportunity to design a comprehensive communications plan with all the steps to be taken during a crisis.

The course includes a sample social media policy, a sample crisis communications plan, a communications plan template and a sample audit.

Course objectives

By taking this course, you will have the opportunity to:

• Understand the important elements of communication and crisis management
• Practice drafting targeted internal and external messages
• Work out a crisis communication plan and identify the measures to be taken to preserve your organization's reputation

What you will learn

The Crisis Communication Planner course will offer a unique perspective on eight skill areas:

1.  Defining a Crisis for Your Organization

A. What is a crisis?
B. Defining a crisis
C. Crisis characteristics & attributes
D. Common crisis scenarios

2. Understanding the Impact of Damage to Reputation

A. Protecting your reputation
B. Causes of damage to reputation
C. Rebuilding reputation
D. Social media policy

3. The Role of Crisis Communications in a Crisis

A. How instinct serves you poorly
B. Principles of crisis communications
C. Implementing crisis communication strategies
D. Roles and responsibilities

4. Identifying and Reaching Audiences

A. Identifying audiences
B. Audience communication needs & expectations
C. Social media communications  
D. Communication tools / methods

5. Message Development

A. Writing key messages and proofs
B. Documenting holding statements
C. Developing a communications matrix
D. How to apologize

6. The Role of Spokespersons in a Crisis

A. Identifying spokespersons
B. Message delivery
C. Attributes of spokespersons
D. The importance of media training  

7. The Crisis Communication Plan  

A. The role of the crisis communication plan
B. Crisis communication plan contents
C. Reviewing the plan
D. Auditing the plan

8. Testing Your Crisis Communication Capability

A. Purpose of exercise program
B. Exercise program design and elements
C. Exercise methodology
D. Post exercise activities

Who should attend?

The course is designed for anyone responsible for planning and managing their organization's communications before, during and after a crisis. It is ideal for public sector executives and staff, business and public relations managers, as well as professional communicators.


No previous training required.

Certification and examination

Completion of the course and passing an examination will entitle you to the ICOR - CMC 2050 Crisis Communication Planner certificate.

The exam will be presented in the form of a case study. You will need to identify the crisis, its impact on reputation, identify internal and external stakeholders, draft key messages and evidence, and identify the methodology for communications.

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Why take this course

  • Develop the skills and knowledge to manage a crisis and communicate effectively under pressure
  • Ensure your professional development and career advancement, thanks to ICOR - CMC 2050 certification
  • Support senior management in crisis management, at the strategic level of the organization
    Improve your organization's resilience and minimize reputational risks

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August 5-6, 2024 | English

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August 5-6, 2024 | English