ICOR - ICT 2000: Critical Environments Technology Professional (CETP)

ICOR - ICT 2000: Critical Environments Technology Professional (CETP)
Learn how to reserve, protect and recover data in critical environments.
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Align your Organization's IT Resources with its Objectives, while Managing Risks and Optimizing Efficiency

Now more than ever, the role of the ICT Professionals is one that requires ongoing education and professional development to keep current of the ever-changing ICT environment. Organizations must protect their technology and telecommunication systems to minimize the impact of disruptions.

Take this course to get an in-depth look at IT frameworks, storage management, availability challenges, clustering and machine virtualization, as well as IT risk, ICT continuity and the more traditional disaster recovery. In addition, an understanding of how to protect against security breaches, the importance of enforcing IT security policies and understanding the role of backup components, architecture, and media is included.

Course objectives

By achieving this course, you will:

• understand key business & IT priorities for organizations today  
• describe major challenges, strategies and approaches in managing the IT system in a critical environment, the IT frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT
• master the key concepts related to IT Risk, ICT Continuity and Disaster Recovery, reinforcing the importance of strong IT security policies
• define endpoint management technologies, troubleshooting, and gathering information about problems

You will also have the opportunity to get your ICT credentials. You can afterwards use it to showcase your knowledge, distinguish your expertise and prove your commitment to professional development.

What you will learn

Develop new competencies on preserving, protecting, and recovering data, aligning IT resources with your business objectives, while managing risks and optimizing efficiency. This course provides you with the knowledge of how to increase organizational resilience through best practices in information storage and availability systems management.

8 Lessons / Competency Areas


2000.1 Understanding the Critical Environment

1. Purpose and components of the CE

2. IT Frameworks

3. Compliance & IT GRC

4. Total cost of ownership / ROI


2000.2 Storage Management

1. Understanding storage requirements

2. Storage virtualization

3. Storage challenges & trends

4. Cloud computing


2000.3 Driving Storage Efficiencies

1. Discover, report, and optimize storage

2. Volume and file system management

3. Deduplication and compression

4. Data life cycle management


2000.4 Availability Concepts & Challenges

1. Replication

2. Clustering

3. Virtualization

4. Mirroring


2000.5 Addressing IT Risk, ICT Continuity, & Technology Recovery

1. IT and CE Challenges

2. IT risk management

3. ICT Service Continuity

4. Technology (Disaster) recovery


2000.6 Backup Methods and Systems

1. Data protection plan

2. Backup architectures & storage types

3. Backup methods

4. Replication


2000.7 Protecting Against Security Breaches

1. Security policies

2. Sources of security breaches

3. Protecting the infrastructure

4. Protecting the information


2000.8 Endpoint Management & Troubleshooting

1. Endpoint management

2. Technologies

3. Methods for troubleshooting

4. Interfaces and tools for problem solving

The course includes multi-media, sample policies, and templates. Available as an entire course or as 8 individual modules.

Who is this for?

This course is designed for any professionals who have the responsibility of increasing organizational resilience and of managing risks throughout the organization:

• technology recovery professionals, technicians and managers

• Business Continuity professionals

• technology support personnel


For the ICT 2000: Critical Environments Technology Professional (CETP) course, no prior knowledge is required.


The Critical Environments Technology Professional Certification Exam may be challenged after completing the ICT 2000 course or without completing any of ICOR’s education programs.

To earn the CETP certification, a minimum score of 75% in each of the 8-course content areas is required. Certification is valid for 3 years.

Exams are multiple-choice.

Critical Environment Technology Professional Certification

Other advantages

  • Certification Exam is included in the course fee
  • This course entitles to a free one-year membership to ICOR

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