PCI - Business Continuity Basics

PCI - Business Continuity Basics
Learn and understand what your organization needs to continue its activities before, during and after uncertainty.
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1 day
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June 19, 2024 | French

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Learn to Lead and to Maintain an Increasing Resilience tailored to your Organization's Objectives and Culture

Business as usual can be interrupted by any types of threat or disruption and recovering from a disaster requires capabilities to maintain activities and operations to reduce internal and external consequences for your organization. Business Continuity will bring you to do an introspection within the heart of your organization to find the potential point of disruption.

In this course, you will be introduced to the importance to develop all the asset and understand the process to manage disruptions and avoid the impacts that could be way worse than what it needs to be.

Courses objectives

By achieving this course, you will:

• understand the Business Continuity Management (BCM) cycle, the theory and basic tools
• get practical experience in order to create a BCM program with relevant plans
• learn to initiate and maintain a Business Continuity Programme and plans up to date

What you will learn

Business Continuity plans are vital to secure an organization's growth. In some industries, they even are a legal requirement. Certified by the Quebec Public Security Ministry and based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG), this course will provide you with the theory, basic tools and practical experience, required to create a BCM Program with relevant plans.

Several teaching lessons have been picked and mixed with exercises to offer you a practical course. The course covers all these key concepts:

• Identify your critical functions and their priority

• Determine the strategies to be implemented

• Build incident response teams

• Create plan content and maintain it up to date

• Conduct efficient exercises

• Assess the state of preparedness

Who is this for?

This course is for everyone who would like to be introduced to Business Continuity and who wants to learn the basics of Business Continuity Management:

• risk management professional

• professionals looking to start a career in the industry


For the Business Continuity Basics course, no prior knowledge is required.

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June 19, 2024 | French
September 19, 2024 | French
November 5, 2024 | French

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June 19, 2024 | French
September 19, 2024 | French
November 5, 2024 | French