Hear out BCI’s podcast episode “Training & education for a resilient career”, featuring Marie-Helene Primeau

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The BCI Education Month 2023 is back and offers a wide diversity of webinar, podcasts, articles and more!  We invite you to listen to first episode of the second season of The BCI Podcast “Training & education for a resilient career”.

The episode is hosted by BCI’s Head of Learning Steph Morris and features three BCI Licensed Training Partners, including Premier Continuum. Our Executive Vice-President Marie-Hélène Primeau therefore had the honour of representing us!

Listen to the first BCI Education Month podcast episode: “Training & education for a resilient career”
The BCI Podcast, S2 E1: "Training & education for a resilient career"
The BCI Podcast, S2 E1: "Training & education for a resilient career"

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During this episode, the experts explore together the impact of training and education on one’s career. They talk about how it supports professional development and builds a career that is agile and resilient to ever-changing working environments and in the job market, as well as new risks/threats faced by organizations.  

Topics of discussion:  

  1. What are the future challenges faced by professionals within the BC/Resilience industry and why education can help them through them?
  1. How can training can help in building an agile career that is resilient and fits into a fast-changing job market?
  1. How does a business continuity certification can help the career of something already possessing a degree in resilience subjects?
  1. What are the key benefits of training and certification for professionals?  
  1. What is a good balance between experience and education?  
  1. Is there a correlation between certifications and salaries?
  1. Is training still relevant for newcomers and experts alike?
  1. Is a business continuity certification a worthwhile investment in your future career?  

Enjoy your listening!  

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